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'Dry Living' Means No More:

Condensation | Mould & Mildew | Asthma-Causing Allergens | Dampness

Expensive Power Bills | Stale & Musty Air | Cold Rooms | Poor Ventilation

The Dry Living Home Ventilation System has 4 major components

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Fresh outdoor air + Filtration

Using fresh air from outside the house reduces circulation of bad air from inside the house

Heating Room-100.png

Heat Transfer System

Ensures all rooms in your home are maintained at a comfortable and consistent temperature


Built in Dehumidifier

Extracts unwanted moisture from the air, providing maximum heating performance & comfort

Central Heating-100.png

Heat Exchange System 

Provides the ultimate in heating and cooling efficiency throughout your home 

Come Home to Comfort.

Dry Living units quietly draw fresh air from outside, then effectively

  • Helps to filter out allergens

  • Dehumidifies the air for efficiency and comfort

  • Transfers heating in the most clever way possible

  • Distributes the dry air throughout your home through ceiling vents