Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I go with Dry Living over other home ventilation systems?

Thought you’d never ask! Here are the top reasons why: 

  • Dry Living is an all-inclusive system that works in unison to deliver the healthiest home living environment.

  • The system sources fresh outdoor air and purifies it. Nobody likes roof space air!

  • A heat exchanger inside the Dry Living unit ensures pleasant temperature air is coming out of your vents. This also increases efficiency for heat transfer system.

  • Dry Living uses a heat transfer system as well as fresh air circulation. This allows the system to take heat from your heat pump or fireplace (or another heat source) and distributes it throughout your home. Unlike some other brands, every Dry Living unit includes this as a must-have for smart ventilation. This includes insulated air vents.

  • A built in dehumidifier removes moisture in your home and puts it outside, where it belongs. Unlike other units, this kiwi design is the master moisture remover. We don’t leave it to chance or fresh air circulation alone. For smart power consumption, the dehumidifier can be set to run at certain times.

  • Dry Living does not just claim to be passionate about your home. This system is made from premium grade components. We have not spared expense or quality in our units.

  • Dry Living uses Seismic restraints to hold your unit in place. Sadly, NZ can get shaky. When an earthquake strikes you need to know your unit is held safely in place.

  • Try Dry Living Risk free with an industry leading warranty and an industry-leading guarantee - If your Dry Living System does not work like its makers have claimed it to work, and you still have serious condensation issues, we will replace it with a competitor's system at our own cost. Terms and Conditions apply.

Fan and dehumidifier Warranty

The fan carries a 5-year Manufacturers Warranty in conjunction with a yearly service. 

The dehumidifier has a 3-year warranty in conjunction with a yearly service.

100% replacement Guarantee

If your Dry Living System does not work like its makers have claimed it to work, and you still have serious condensation issues, we will replace it with a competitor's system at our own cost. Terms and Conditions apply.

Can you retrofit my existing system?

You bet. Get our Dry Living experts to take a look today for pricing and converting to a superior system design.

I'm a builder or developer - What can you do for me?

Contact us for wholesale pricing, promotional material and for the full benefits of working with Dry Living.

We’re building a new home - can Dry Living be designed into the build?

Surprisingly, new homes need ventilation as much as old homes! Newer builds with tighter construction methods mean less airflow in your home. Without a Dry Living system, your new dream home could become mouldy and uncomfortable.

Simply fill in the free home quote form and our expert will take it from there. 

We can quote directly off your plans and work in with building schedules.

What does is cost to run?

Our industrial grade fan costs about the same as a light bulb to power - roughly 2-5 cents per hour.

When the dehumidifier is running as well as the fan it’s approx 19 - 22 cents per hour.

How much is a yearly service?

Servicing costs depends on the exact system requirements and how many years service you sign up for. Either way, it’s around the same cost of your average home ventilation system service. Contact us and we will give you the exact amount based on the system size for your place.

Total set up costs?

Typically it will range from $4,500 - $8,500 for design, fitting, testing and basic warranties. However there are sometimes factors that can impact this. Our free no-obligation quotation service will let you know all costings involved.

How long does the process take?

Once you fill in the form, a Dry Living expert will contact you by your preferred method at your preferred time. 

From there, an in-home appraisal or virtual appraisal takes place. A quote is generally provided within 5 working days.

Once the quote is accepted, a deposit payment is made and your system is tailor made in New Zealand and installed in roughly 2+ weeks time. 

We’re a friendly bunch, so if you have specific circumstances let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate.

Refuse to live in an unhealthy home

When you claim your free home quote a Dry Living expert will contact you to discuss your home needs and quote the perfect system for you and your family.

Privacy, no obligations and good kiwi manners guaranteed.

Get your free home quote

  • Guarantee healthy air in your home

  • Help prevent asthma and allergies

  • Maximise energy savings through system performance

  • Award winning NZ designed system

  • Painless installation, friendly service

  • Easy to operate

  • Industry-leading warranty and guarantee

“My home often gets compliments for ‘feeling good’. There’s no more condensation plus it’s cheap to run. "

— Tom Forman, Petone

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