Dry Living was born out of the need to provide families with dry and clean air in New Zealand homes. Dry Living is the only ventilation system in New Zealand that uses fresh outdoor air and has a built in dehumidifier.

We all know about the issues with NZ homes; dampness and condensation and the allergies this is causing. People know that roof space air is not clean enough - they want fresh air from outside.

Our team includes experts in the ventilation and heating sector, and have a vast background in commercial ventilation - for almost 40 years.

With our history of ingenuity, hard work, and as ventilation experts, we knew we could create a system that would give the best for families all over New Zealand.

Our homes, fitted with the Dry Living Ventilation System, have kept our families warm, healthy, and allergy free. There's no reason we can't do the same for yours.

Sharing this healthy environment is the goal of Dry Living. That's also why Project 411 is taking off.

Thanks for supporting our dream of creating happy, healthier homes in New Zealand.