How the Dry Living Home Ventilation System Works


One System Does It All.

1. Dry Living is a quiet home ventilation unit that is secured in your ceiling. It draws fresh air from outside. The air is then filtered, warmed and distributed throughout your home through ceiling vents.

2. The unit removes moisture from your home using a built-in dehumidifier.

3. The heat transfer system redistributes warm air (from your fireplace or heat pump etc.) around your house for ultimate efficiency.

4. Dry Living is designed to reduce costs in your home. The dehumidifying component is automatically switched between on and off for efficient operation. Dry homes are cheaper to heat.

The Dry Living Components.

Air Quality-100.png

Built in Heat Transfer System

  • Utilises heat from existing home heat such as fireplaces or heat pumps

  • Balances the temperature throughout your home

  • Ensures healthy temperatures in all rooms

Fresh outdoor air + filtration

  • Clears odors

  • Does not use stuffy roofspace air

  • Creates a healthy environment

  • Reduces symtoms of asthma and allergies


Extracts unwanted moisture with a built-in dehumidifier

  • Saves energy through an easier to heat home without moisture

  • Prevents mould that grows in damp places

  • Prevents illnesses that breed in moisture


Built in Heat Exchange System

  • Automatically adjusts incoming outside air to deliver a consistent temperature throughout your home 

  • Easily control when and where your warm air goes to other rooms


ONE System to Rule them All

  • 1 Product covers every ventilation requirement for a healthy home

  • The 4 components work together in the most efficient way possible

  • 1 great kiwi-owned company to contact