'Dry Living' Means No More:

Condensation | Mould & Mildew | Asthma-Causing Allergens | Dampness

Expensive Power Bills | Stale & Musty Air | Cold Rooms | Poor Ventilation

The Dry Living Home Ventilation System has 4 major components

Air Quality-100.png

Fresh outdoor air + Filtration

Using fresh air from outside the house reduces circulation of bad air from inside the house.

Heating Room-100.png

Heat Transfer System

Ensures all rooms in your home are maintained at a comfortable and consistent temperature


Built in Dehumidifier

Extracts unwanted moisture from the air, providing maximum heating performance & comfort

Central Heating-100.png

Heat Exchange System 

Provides the ultimate in heating and cooling efficiency throughout your home 

Come Home to Comfort.

A Dry Living unit quietly draws fresh air from outside, then effectively

  • Filters out 99% of allergens
  • Dehumidifies the air for efficiency and comfort 
  • Transfers heating in the most clever way possible
  • Distributes the air throughout your home through ceiling vents


All easily controlled from your control panel or app*, so you can come home to comfort.

Look no further

  • Guarantee healthy air in your home

  • Help prevent asthma and allergies

  • Maximise energy savings through system performance

  • Award winning NZ designed system

  • Painless installation, friendly service

  • Easy to operate

  • 5-year fan warranty

  • 3-year dehumidifier warranty

  • 100% replacement guarantee 

If your Dry Living System does not work like its makers have claimed it to work, and you still have serious condensation issues, we will replace it with a competitor's system at our own cost. Terms and Conditions apply.


No obligation, no spam and good kiwi manners guaranteed.

"Since having the Dry Living system installed we have seen our house have more even temperature, no condensation and our health is better. We have had far less colds or flus this winter. We sleep better at night. It has stopped the mould that we had in two of our rooms."
Graham, Silverstream